Letter from the Editors 5.15.19

Greetings Romans!

As we wind down the school year, the three of us hope the first issue of Discourses will serve to stimulate your minds without the stress of schoolwork. This magazine was founded earlier this year to be an outlet where anyone–left, right, and center–can express their views on a wide range of issues. In this edition, we decided to focus on a topic that has evoked passion on both sides of the spectrum: free speech.

A hotly contested topic, it’s discussed from college campuses to the US Capitol. What language is and isn’t acceptable is a matter of constant debate. Should speech be restricted in “safe spaces”? Should speech codes in colleges be universal? What role should politicians, the news, and social media platforms play in free speech laws? To all of us, there are many different answers, unique to each of us and our own experiences, views, and values.

We hope that Discourses will allow people to engage in civil debate about the issues, and so we encourage all of you to comment your own opinions and views on each of the articles that interest you. If there is something that you would like to bring to the attention of the entire school, we would love if you would write and send to us a paragraph in response to an article, which would be published in a subsequent issue of the magazine.

Free speech is an undeniable right that we all have as Americans, but from inside our school community to the entire world, the thing people are missing to project their voice is a platform.

We intend to be that platform.


Your Editors

Maeve, Ashley, and Rashail

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