Letter From the Editors 10.21.19

Hello Romans!

Happy end of 1st quarter! We are excited to present you with the first edition of Discourses this year, which is focused on the topic of Health. We founded the magazine last spring as a way for Latin students to express their political views on various subjects. The number of articles we have is amazing, and we hope more and more of you will contribute as the school year goes on! Until then, please enjoy your peers opinions on topics such as physician assited suicide, and their informative pieces on issues such as the opioid epidemic and patenting genes.

We are also happy to announce that Izzy Oberman has joined the team as Managing Editor! If you see her in the halls, make sure to say congrats!

If after reading these articles you have anything you want to add to the conversation, please leave a comment and start a discussion! After all, the magazine is called Discourses


Rashail, Ashley, Maeve, and Izzy

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