Practice Makes Perfect by Kristiana T


Aaron, from CircEsteem, is balancing a feather on his finger. It may look easy, but in reality, it is very hard. He practices several times a week and he pushes himself to get better at what he loves to do. “Practice makes perfect,” he reminded us. If he keeps practicing, he will perfect it and he will accept the obstacles that will come along his way. He is excellent at what he does especially at such a young age.

A Budding Musician by Zinou Z


This image tells a story of a young girl who is a talented piano player. She is in her natural environment as she is a musician working in an ensemble for an 8th grade graduation. She wants to contribute to an important event in her life by doing what she is good at and that is being a musician.

My Grandma by Yulissa L


My grandma and my two little brothers spend a lot of time together. They sit around and watch TV. One of my brothers is three years old and the other one is ten. About 20 years ago my grandmother moved to Uptown. Just recently she went to visit Mexico. My little brothers really missed her and they couldn’t wait for her to come back and spend time with them. Usually my grandmother is the one who takes them around Uptown. This picture shows a family having a nice and joyful time. My grandma is the one that always takes care of all of my siblings and she buys them popcorn and treats. They don’t always have to go out to have fun. They enjoy their time together and they make the most of it.

My Brother by Mohammad Usman R


This picture is of my brother Danish at my house. My brother is on his computer for basically the whole day. Since he works an Informational Technology (IT) job, his whole time is spent on a computer except for his lunch break. Then when he returns home, he eats and again gets on his computer to do work for his own website. If you look closely on his desk you can see what a mess it is. Since he is normally so focused on his work he doesn’t even have enough time to fix his desk. But because he is the only person in the family who works, I guess he gets a pass.

Amelia by Umang R


This is Amelia. She was on her way back home from school. I asked her if she would let me photograph her, and she was happy to do it. She was very kind; I could tell by the tone of her soft voice. I asked her to stand where I could see McDonald’s and the church. It took a while to find a perfect spot but she was patient. I thanked her after taking the shots and she went off to continue her life.

Bright Goals by Steven H

Copy of DSC01380

These three girls were chatting in front of Goudy Technology Academy. While they were talking, the girl in the grey sweater, Fatena, looked up at the sky soaking up the sunlight. When I interviewed Fatena she seemed preoccupied with enjoying this nice day with her friends. While I was looking at the picture, I realized something. Fatena is getting ready to graduate and perhaps her gaze in the sun symbolizes something. I think Fatena is representing a person trying to see what they’re going to do in the future. The sun symbolizes her goals in life. Her goals are so bright; she’s not able to see them, yet. Later in life, she will be able to see that bright sun.

Judith Gall by Ryan L


This picture is of Judith Gall. She is the Executive Director at Alternatives, which is a multi cultural youth development agency in Uptown. I had a blast at this place talking to all the people who saw Uptown change little by little and who are trying to make it a better place for everyone. Judith was such a great person to talk to! She has spent almost all her life in Uptown, so she has seen it change throughout the years. She wants Uptown to come together with all types of groups represented. Her son is one of the most important people in her life and he still likes going on road trips with her. Alternatives is a great organization helping the neighborhood.

Food Stand by Nidia H


This is a small stand that is outside of Goudy Elementary whenever the weather is warm and the school lets out. The seller also sells things to kids at a nearby school named McCutcheon Elementary. This stand sells a lot of snacks including slushes, corn, tamales and much more. One thing that you might not notice is that the man who runs the stand works very hard in order to make his customers happy when they buy things from him. Even though there is a McDonald’s nearby, people still choose to buy things from him. When I took this picture it was hot, which meant he was going to be very busy.

It’s a Struggle by Marym Z

Copy of IMG_4975

This is my younger sister Maria, showing grief as she does her homework. Whenever she has a lot of homework, she always lays out every single one of her books, so it looks organized. When asked about school, she has different opinions each time depending on how her day went. Sometimes it goes well while other times it goes bad. Whenever the day at school goes well, Maria says she loves school but if the day goes bad and she has a ton of homework, which she usually has, Maria hates school. It’s quite funny to see her reactions sometimes. This picture depicts my sister with an irritated and exhausted reaction while doing about five pages of her math homework, which she hates and you could tell that by seeing her hand placed on her forehead.

Adora by Lejla B


My best friend Adora and I went to a bookstore in Uptown called Shake, Rattle, and Read. She was looking at a book, The Fault In Our Stars, and I secretly took a picture of her. She likes to sing, dance, and play the piano. Adora also likes to relax, so reading is a good choice for her. And she would love to go to Fiji. There are eight people in her family, including her two brothers, two sisters, and a dog.