Lillian Miller by Andrea A


Lillian Miller is a Chicagoan who lives on the West Side. She believes that Uptown is treated “better” than her neighborhood. She used to work on the corner of Diversey and Clark, but she has been working in security in Uptown for eight years. Lillian and her parents grew up in the city, and they used to live in Rockwell Gardens housing project. She loves that each part of Chicago is different, but thinks that we need a new mayor because “the government sucks.” She is a certified chef, a mother of six, and a grandmother of thirteen. When asked for advice, she told us “keep your legs closed and your heart open.” She also warned us about AIDS and the “other sexually transmitted diseases” and shared that “yes, I am that kind of mother.” Lastly, she stated that we must “set a goal, set a dream” and “if you fail, get back up.”