A Girl with a Vision by Rachel S

A Girl with a Vision

Nahal Duncalf is the optical manager of a spectacle store in Uptown. She lives in Lakeview, but she is originally from Iran. Nahal’s childhood dream was to work in interior design or for Dwell magazine. She appreciates her family and husband most in life. As far as what she appreciates most about Uptown, Nahal’s answer would be the diversity. She wishes that Uptown will keep the peace and continue to be safe. Nahal considers some parts of Uptown safe and others not, but she also believes that the safety depends on the time of day. She feels most impacted in life by the people who appreciate her for who she is. The most challenging moment in Nahal’s life was when she moved to America, as she was only 11 years old and spoke no English. One piece of advice she gave me was to “love life, love what you do, and appreciate what you have.”