Elizabeth Escobar by Taylor H


Born in the Chicago area, Elizabeth Escobar is a senior at DePaul University and majors in biology and physics. As a child, Elizabeth always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. She took ballet for many years, until she realized school was getting in the way. Eight years ago, Elizabeth decided to take on climbing after her older sister introduced it to her. Elizabeth enjoys a challenge and has now upgraded to bouldering at First Ascent, a style of climbing without any ropes or harnesses. In high school, Elizabeth’s physics high school teacher impacted her greatly by sticking by her when she was failing physics, encouraging her and eventually pushing her to ace her class. Elizabeth appreciates her family and education, and she appreciates the diversity and night life in Uptown. She wishes that Uptown would have more publicity, for most people think Uptown is dangerous. Looking back, Elizabeth wishes she took more opportunities given to her in college. Elizabeth’s last piece of advice was, “Don’t give up, try really hard, and don’t discourage yourself.”